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Clark and Andrea moved to the Wilmington area, in 2004, to open a business, be closer to family and start a family of their own. Clark is originally from South Africa. He proudly pledged his allegiance to the United States in 2012. Andrea grew up outside of Rochester, NY, but came to North Carolina for her college years. The two met when Andrea traveled to South Africa as a Rotary Exchange Student just out of high school. Years later, the two reconnected when Clark traveled state-side with some friends. After 18 years of marriage, a successful business and three thriving children . . . their story continues!

When not working, there is beach time and homework, a lot of soccer and CrossFit, Wilmington Sharks Baseball and laundry! Clark enjoys surfing, golf, working out and supporting his kids on the field. He has indoctrinated them into the fan base of Manchester United Premier League Soccer. Andrea enjoys being outdoors, anything creative, getting stronger in mind and body and encouraging her children’s growth in all areas. This is a family that appreciates what God has done and is doing in their lives!

Since 2004, Southern Sign Company has grown in knowledge and resource to become an industry leader in the greater Cape Fear region. We continually strive to ensure the success of each and every client, believing and trusting that these partnerships will generate good things for all involved. We are committed to designing and fabricating quality products that impress our clients and ourselves. The loyalty of our client base, as well as the caliber of our partnerships, speaks volumes to the dedication and respect we work to maintain. Above all, we believe that we are an extremely professional, friendly group that knows how to make the process easy for everyone we work with!


We are extremely grateful for our dedicated, intelligent, resourceful team! We believe in the value of team work and recognize the unique talents that each person brings to the shop. We know that it takes each of them to create a positive client experience with every project. We work to create a supportive, exciting work environment where everyone can grow personally and professionally! We respectfully live and work with family in mind. Our processes are focused and productive so that our hours are managed and our families remain top priority!


We have invested in technology and equipment to better support our creative ideas and innovative processes. We strive to provide our partners with interesting visual representation to give them an edge in the marketplace.


Southern Sign Company also serves to support and contribute to the community it thrives in. We have many loyal partnerships with non-profit groups, local schools and organizations in an effort to make the entire Cape Fear region a better place to live and work, for humans and animals alike.