Our Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

The Southern Sign Company Commitment

Vision Statement

Southern Sign Company is a highly sought after team of experts, that is continually evolving to provide our clients with a strategic marketing advantage through noticeable creativity, reliable quality and unmatched customer service.

Mission Statement

Southern Sign Company is a cooperative team of individuals, who share a common passion and genuine interest in the sign industry and serving people.  Our innovative approach to fulfilling sign projects generates a growing public interest in what we can do to initiate success for others.

 We fill an essential marketing gap for small businesses and non-profit groups by investing our creativity into their public communication.  We ensure a professional consistent image, while acknowledging project goals, resources and limitations. This work results in expert sign projects and a true sense of pride and excitement.

 Our clients rely on us to provide friendly, honest, professional service.  The foundation of this superior customer service is affective communication skills, obvious industry knowledge and experience and a friendly approach.  Our experience results in innovative problem solving and consistently solid quality.  We make a complex process, simple for our clients.

 We take ownership of and pride in all projects we complete!