Window Lettering

Window Lettering

Wilmington, North Carolina

What better way to say “hello” to customer and passers-by than with professional, attractive, brand enforcing window lettering and graphics!  Most entrance doors include a quality business logo at eye level, plus business hours, contact information, website and social media information. This can be done in full color or elegantly presented as one color cut vinyl.

Aside from the front door, most business storefront windows are an overlooked opportunity to share your messaging or simply attract attention to your passing audience.  Exterior graphics can also be used to direct foot traffic and manage people or define your space.

Most window lettering is fabricated from vinyl and are either applied as decals or full-coverage graphics. Southern Sign Company chooses to use only high quality materials that hold up to the elements in our beautiful sun-shiny region. Need to make a change to you hours or information? No problem, this is a low cost, easy fix!

Window sign options include:

  • Cut vinyl graphics on exterior windows or interior glass doors and walls
  • Full-color graphics for decoration or advertising messages – opaque for privacy or perforated see-through film
  • Frosted or etch vinyl graphics for privacy or simply to create an elegant look

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