Custom Automotive Magnets

Custom Automotive Magnets

Advertise With Your Vehicle Around Wilmington

Transform your vehicle into an advertising machine that will drive ROI for years to come! Southern Sign Company creates eye-catching, custom car magnets so that you can advertise everywhere you go – only when you want to! 

Our decades of experience and commitment to delivering extraordinary results are some of the many reasons why we are Wilmington, NC’s leading sign company! You don’t have to take our word for it. Our 400+ five-star reviews speak for themselves.


Cars & Trucks

Trailers & Fleets

Vans & Busses

Motorcycles & Golf Carts

Why Choose Our Custom Car Magnets & Signs?

  • Fantastic ROI. Let the auto magnets work for you! Reach a broad audience while you’re on service calls, meeting clients, or simply driving your route.  The best part, you pay for them once and they work for you for years!
  • Unparalleled Quality. Southern Sign’s custom vehicle magnets and signs are made from premium materials, ensuring durability and vibrant graphics that withstand Wilmington’s weather!
  • Tailored Designs. Express your business with personalized car magnets designed by our experienced graphics team. From sleek minimalist styles to bold and vibrant graphics, we can do it all!
  • We Make It Easy. With our decades of experience designing and installing custom vehicle magnets, signs, and more, we’ve fine-tuned our process. Depending on your goal, our design approach will be customized for you. We’ll guide you from an idea to a finished product with clear and professional communication throughout. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!

Southern Sign Company’s Auto Magnet Advantages:

Beat Your Competition: Unlike your static competitors, your business won’t be limited to just your storefront or a billboard. Attract clients and customers all over the greater Wilmington area with dazzling advertisements on wheels. Whether you’re looking for custom auto magnets, signs, and more, we offer a diverse range of options to make your vehicle advertising shine!

Reach a New Audience: No matter where your vehicle goes, your business and brand are on display in front of a wide, diverse audience. Your car magnets will get your name in front of so many new people who need your services & calls will be rolling in.

Brand Awareness and Credibility: Your vehicle’s company branding can ensure that your clients and their neighbors are confident when you arrive at a property – residential or commercial! No matter how long you’ve been in business you generate brand awareness wherever you go.  Your professional magnetic signs will communicate that you are invested in your business.

Enhance Your Vehicle Today!

Southern Sign Company provides top-notch car magnet and signage services. Stand out on the road and leave a lasting impression on your never-ending audience. Contact Southern Sign Company for a free consultation to take your ride to the next level!